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At TRUCKER TAX HELP, we offer solutions to your truck driver tax problems. Our team of tax experts & retired IRS Agents will resolve your tax problem or your money back. We have been representing clients in front of the IRS and state tax authorities for many years. Tax is what we do.

We understand the weight that a tax problem can bear on your family, your livelihood, and yourself and we strive to deliver the relief you deserve in an effective and timely manner.

We are a firm dedicated exclusively to IRS taxation and based in Florida serving the surrounding multi-state area. Our education, size, experience, and stability allow us to deliver the personal attention and expert analysis your tax problem deserves.

We can help you with your truck driver tax problem, including: Disclosing Offshore Accounts, Liens, Levies, Offers in Compromise, Payroll Tax problems, Audits, Penalty Abatement, Bankruptcy Advice, Innocent Spouse protection, and filing delinquent tax returns.

We are not a fly-by-night operation (retired IRS agents and Enrolled Agents). We pride ourselves on our longstanding tradition of providing taxpayers with the best representation services we can deliver. We offer you the uncommon opportunity to speak with a Retired IRS Agent, in person for a free evaluation before choosing our firm to serve your tax needs.

We encourage you to be discerning in your choice of tax professionals. You can rely on us to represent you.


Here are some reasons why you should use our proven TRUCKER TAX HELP –
IRS Tax Problem Services.

• You are hiring an experienced team of IRS Enrolled Agent tax experts who practice taxation services year-round. This license is earned through extensive examination and satisfactory background checks. There are only about 46,000 EAs licensed by the U.S. Treasury IRS, and they are licensed to practice before the IRS in all 50 states.
• The fees charged by Tax Problem Service are often much lower than other tax resolution companies.
• We offer a “Money Back Guarantee”. If we cannot resolve your tax problem, we will return your money and you will pay nothing for our services.

• But most importantly, you can be confident that Tax Problem Service will provide a high level of personal attention to your IRS representation needs.


Don’t Fight The IRS Alone!
Let Our Top-Notch Team Of Tax Specialists Represent You!

When you go up against the IRS, you need the very best help available. You need highly trained professionals whose main focus is the U. S. Tax Code.

Often businesses and individuals hire a tax attorney. While you can get legal advice from a qualified attorney when needed, you should receive vital assistance from our Tax Experts. We are U. S. Treasury certified Enrolled Agents who must pass a very difficult exam testing the entire tax code. We have a retired IRS agent on staff with over 30 years of experience. We know taxes as well as anyone, including the IRS.

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