Truck drivers make up a large portion of the country’s workforce. In fact, they make up over 3.5 million every year. Figuring out taxes for truck drivers can be a little more complicated than for other employees, and when it comes to tax season, some truckers are faced with tax bills they are unable to pay. This may deter them from filing, or they may decide to file but not pay the bill. While there is nothing illegal about owing the IRS money, it is against the law to not file for more than three years.

Trucker Tax Preparation & Tax Resolution

Truck drivers who owe back taxes may feel they are in over their head. The good news is there is tax relief available. Truckers can start to get the IRS to back off by beginning to pay back some of the taxes owed. Options for relief include installment agreement, back tax return assistance, offer in compromise and penalty abatement.

If truck drivers find themselves unable to manage back taxes owed, it may be time to hire a tax relief company. There are numerous options, and the right choice will vary depending on each driver’s situation. A tax professional can advise as to which approach is the best one. Each approach also requires specific qualifications, and a professional can help determine these. Our agents are retired IRS agents who have experience with an approach that will save you time and money.

For example, an offer in compromise may be a good decision for some truckers. With this approach, the tax debt can be settled for an amount that is less than one owes. To apply for this, all previous tax returns need to have been filed. The IRS then determines approval based on the truck driver’s income, expenses, ability to pay debt and asset equity. A tax relief professional can help determine if this option is appropriate and help with the offer filing.


We charge our clients on a combination of flat fees and hourly fees. Most of our fees are flat since we know the exact amount of work involved in resolving most IRS problems. We will charge an hourly fee for services where we cannot determine a reliable estimate of the work involved in advance.

Roughly one third to one half of our fee will be due in advance. You may pay the balance of the fee in equal monthly installments over two to six months. We clearly state the range for our fee in our letter of engagement.


We can solve your IRS Tax Problem or your money back!
Which means that if we cannot resolve your tax problem, we will return your money and you will pay nothing for our services.

Truck Driver Tax Deductions

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