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We can solve your IRS tax problem or your money back!

Which means that if we cannot resolve your tax problem, we will return your money and you will pay nothing for our services.

At TRUCKER TAX HELP, we offer solutions to your tax problems. Our team consists of retired IRS Agents, former Revenue Agents, retired Revenue Officers and retired Special Agent. We have been representing clients in front of the IRS and state tax authorities for many years. Tax is what we do.

Trucker Tax Help – Orlando Florida
Serving The Orlando, Oviedo and Central Florida Area

Toll Free Number: 855-572-HELP | (855-572-4357)

We are retired IRS agents and tax experts. We can solve your IRS tax problem or your money back!

Choosing The Right Team – We Are Retired IRS Agents

When dealing with the IRS, there is no substitute for experience. We will escort you through the process of contacting the IRS, stopping the collections process and negotiating terms to resolve your problem. All this with less pain and stress!

Our expert staff will advise you and develop a plan to prevent the IRS from taking advantage of you. As Enrolled Agents (EA) licensed by the IRS, we represent taxpayers before the IRS in all tax matters regarding audits, collections and appeals via a power of attorney.

You are hiring an experienced team of knowledgeable Tax Experts that will put 75 years of combined tax and accounting experience to work for you. We can stop the harassment that the IRS gives you when they are in the collections process against you.

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